Heather Dunlap spent many childhood hours foraging with her mother who made hand drilled pine cone wreaths. It was during these times of tree climbing and forest walks that she found her love for trees. She originally started her art with sculpting wire trees which she still sells. 2010 brought her art into focus with her unique wisdom tree pendants. These trees represent family, wisdom and life as we grow and change over time so does our our dynamic world. She now shares this love of nature with her two creative children. This love of trees has branched off into the growth of her full line of earthy and naturally forged pendants, necklaces and earrings. Heather still creates other pieces of arts and teaches artists how to begin their own adventures.

Nature's Artist

Unique wire pendants, wearable art, twisted tree sculptures and photography passionately inspired by the nature that surrounds us all.
I love working with people who share the same passion for artistic flare, a loving family and close friends. Nature's Artist is more than just art, it is how art can bring us together even for just a day, spend quality time, laugh and create something beautiful.

I also love to create things from items my customers have found. If you have a favorite piece of stone, a crystal, sea glass or another item you might want me to make into a unique pendent let me know and we can work together to make something you will cherish forever!

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